Starting July 11th, one hundred brain sculptures can be seen throughout Toronto in an effort to raise awareness about brain health. The Toronto Star's article on the project can be read here. The outdoor art exhibit runs July 11 to August 31, 2017.


"In Union Station, we will see a brain moulded of chicken wire, set on a pedestal, luminous butterflies emerging from the silver tangle.

In the Distillery District, along Gristmill Lane, we will find a sky-blue brain dotted with colourful cows that appear to drip down from a swirl of white clouds.

Floating in the reflecting pool at Nathan Phillips Square, look for a glistening black brain splotched with blue, red, green and white, an artist’s representation of how it feels to emerge from the bleak darkness of depression into a world of colour and light." (Megan Ogilvie)

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