Ryan Van Der Hout Was Recently Featured on the OMG Blog! Read the Interview About His Disco Ball Sculpture, ‘To Reflect Everything’ on Display in the Toronto Sculpture Garden


In the recent blog post, Van Der Hout shares:

"I’d been working with the disco ball as a theme already, as a kind of object that reflects everything and yet shows nothing. It’s an amazing device that transforms space through lights. But it’s kind of like the more you look at it, the less you see. It just creates a mosaic of the dancefloor. It provides both a visibility and an invisibility."

"Within a week of my piece being in the Sculpture Garden, it was covered in “body”—fingerprints at first, and then after the party that was held on the site during last year’s Nuit Blanche, there were face prints and chest prints on its surface. I think the desire to have an interactive relationship with something that feels slightly out of this world is really interesting."

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