Viktor Mitic's dazzling sculpture


In the GREAT news column, Toronto-based artist Viktor Mitic has unveiled a new, colourful public sculpture in North Winton Village, Rochester, NY. Titled Neutrino Star, this 11 feet tall sculpture is a twin to Lyric Star on display inside the Marriott Hotel, Markham, Ontario. Studio image of the work is below.

Using "upcycled," or reused pieces of brightly painted aluminum in playful shapes, Mitic has created a buzzing and beautiful artwork -- that appears to float. This work is suspended by cables.

Dynamic and playful, this new work is classic Mitic whose free standing outdoor sculptures that incorporate glossy gold can be enjoyed in the Oeno Gallery sculpture garden. 

Above: three works by Viktor Mitic in the Oeno Gallery Sculpture Garden.

Below, studio shot of Mitic's Neutrino Star, 2020

 VM MiticInstall March2020