Viktor Mitic’s Painting ‘Safe Harbour’ Featured in BlogTO Article

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Serbian-born, Toronto-based artist Viktor Mitic uses his distinct style of outlining figures in bullet holes in the new piece called Safe Harbour. depicting two men from the Cherry Beach incident in Toronto last summer, it's now on display at Oeno Gallery in Prince Edward County.

Exploring themes of anarchy, white male anger, and violence at the fore of our socio-political climate in the year of 2020, Mitic compellingly captures two young men in a pop-inspired landscape wielding gilded chainsaws and seemingly questioning why nothing is being done.

"The setting for it was perfect," Mitic says in the article. "A serene scene by the lake and trees, which is absolutely Canadian. I felt an event like this was historic and deserving of a large-scale painting on canvas done in my usual way of work, with paint, gold leaf and live ammunition shot through it."

Mitic incorporates two different forces within his artwork. He transcribes powerful imagery of peaceful or destructive historical events and infamous or iconic individuals and subverts them with something unexpected.

Mitic uses the performance element of shooting the canvas using real guns and live ammo, creating a distinct connect the dot effect. These smoky craters within the canvas produced from the bullets join to create a beautiful but destructive aesthetic.

The artwork of Viktor Mitic is featured in our current exhibition, Negotiating Diaspora: From the Personal to the Universal - On now at Oeno Gallery until April 18 2021.

View the exhibit online, watch the exhibition tour video or call us directly 613-393-2216 for more.

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