Virtual Artist Lunches


Not your everyday mukbang! Join us for a special series of virtual interactive conversations with our artists -- gain insight into their processes of working and maybe even a sneak peak into their studios. Feel free to send your questions for the artist in advance or ask them live in conversation. To join these artist conversations, email with your request and we will send you a link to Go To Meeting. We have added more seats so there should be room for everyone who wants to join these lunches from 12-1pm. 

Coming up:

Sat April 11th, 12pm- Adam Cohen

Tues April 14th, 12pm- Alice Teichert

Friday April 17th, 12pm- Milly Ristvedt 

Sat April 18th, 12pm- Alice Teichert 

Tues April 21st, 12pm- Charles Pachter 

Friday April 24th, 12pm- Lori Cozen-Geller 

Sat April 25th, 12pm- Shayne Dark 

Tuesday April 28th, 12pm- Sylvain Louis-Seize 

Friday May 1st, 12pm- Cheryl Wilson Smith 

Tuesday May 5th, 12pm- Dale Dunning

Saturday May 2, 12pm - Deborah Samuel 

Friday May 8th, 12pm- Daniel Hughes 

Friday May 15th, 12pm- Viktor Mitic 

Tuesday May 19th, 12pm- Simon Andrew 

Friday May 22nd, 12pm- Peter Hoffer 

Saturday May 23rd, 12pm - Milly Ristvedt