Yvonne Lammerich Featured in the Picton Gazette! 'Perfect Circles' Highlights Lammerich's Retrospective at Oeno Gallery as a Challenging, Immersive Exhibit



Preview of the 'Perfect Circles' article written by Picton Gazette's Karen Valihora:

Immersion is a key value. Seeing is not enough; a reconstruction is in order. Lammerich’s works combine and then abstract. They are structured to move the viewer through that abstraction, past the surface, which is deconstructed and rearranged. You cannot rest at one point of view, in front of a painting, but are invited to examine from all sides, all angles, inside and out, to take it apart imaginatively and conceptually and put it back together. The experience is an immersion.

Abstract paintings of shapes combine elements of a map looked at from above, a 3-D model approached from the sides, and the flat surface of a painting, all at once.

Ms. Lammerich is a lifelong independent. If she loves the freedom and space of the country, she also eschewed any permanent institutional affiliation. She has taught and learned in many places, moving where opportunity and interest intersected. Her work combines traditions and approaches, including those of cognitive science, empiricism, architecture, history. A PhD, in Art History, took her to Pompeii.

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