Going Deeper

More Works By Alice Teichert Acrylic on Canvas 2020
68 × 36 in 172.72 × 91.44 cm
70.75 × 38.75 in 179.71 × 98.43 cm

About Going Deeper

Going Deeper has a novel orientation in relation to the rest of Teichert's Connectivity series and with this orientation she has achieved a distinct feeling of falling - or possibly submerging. Instead of the orb of energy rising to the top and appearing as though it is a pulsating mass about to unleash its power, this orb is heavy, more contained, and descending into the deep blue of its field. Teichert's painterly line, like the smooth, continuous, oscillations of the sine wave, propagates throughout this series connecting each painting to a harmonious whole. Sometimes it undulates through the horizon line of the painting and at other times the sine is a glowing circular orb - the universe at a distance as though through a telescope.