More Works By Alice Teichert Mixed Media 2014
54 × 54 in 137.16 × 137.16 cm

About Interview

Layers of reflective gold, burnished brown and black descend like a curtain over a pool of lilac in this rich painting. Two horizontal brush strokes in sea blue mark a horizon like a word of calm. A strip of light green defines the foot of the work, thus completing the poetic narrative. This work is created using many thin layers of acrylic gel and interference paint. The colors shift as the viewer moves around the painting. The gel medium creates a lively surface. The delightful result is a painting that shimmers and shines, with rich hues of copper, deep indigo, pale green and blue. Alice Teichert is known for bold colors and layered transparencies interspersed with script like line drawings.

“My work has a lot of energy. Colour is a form of frequency to me. Colour is a form of music.” Alice Teichert

She is a multidisciplinary artist, and all disciplines inform her visual poetry. Born in Paris and raised in Europe, Teichert studied music, philosophy, visual poetry, visual arts and printmaking in Belgium and France. Her interest in abstract painting led her to pursue studies in New York and then Toronto, where she settled in 1984. Since 1989, Alice has built an international career with over 30 solo exhibitions of her work in France, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. Teichert’s paintings are held in many public, corporate and private collections worldwide.