More Works By Alice Teichert Mixed Media on Canvas 2016
36 × 45 in 91.44 × 114.3 cm

About Momentum

A cloud of furious looped gestures in dove grey advances from a luminous, divided ground of berry red above and brushed grey and orange below in this large mixed media painting. Onto this brushed grey are glyphic marks, a calligraphy in white that hints at a more deliberate communication. A single, brilliant dot of sky blue at the foot of the canvas seems to halt the momentum of the cloud. She refers to these notations as visual poetry.

"The notation of language has always held more fascination for me than the verbal or auditory expression of it. Reading and absorbing the images of many manuscripts, sheets of music or pages of scripted writing throughout my life, has always led me to that curious space between perception and interpretation." - Alice Teichert

Teichert studied music, philosophy, visual poetry, visual arts and printmaking in Belgium and France. Since 1989, she has built an international career with over 30 solo exhibitions in France, NY, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. Teichert’s paintings are held in many public, corporate and private collections worldwide.