Text Tonic

More Works By Alice Teichert Mixed Media on Canvas 2015
72 × 48 in 182.88 × 121.92 cm

About Text Tonic

Layered, patterned colours applied in gestural strokes vibrate in horizontal swatches that together float on a luminous blue ground in this mixed media painting. The foot of the six feet tall canvas is defined by a strip of light blue superimposed with black calligraphic dashes, an invented, glyphic language that is echoed in the pattern of gestural strokes throughout the painting. Teichert refers to this as visual poetry: "The notation of language has always held more fascination for me than the verbal or auditory expression of it. Reading and absorbing the images of many manuscripts, sheets of music or pages of scripted writing throughout my life, has always led me to that curious space between perception and interpretation.'