That Passion

More Works By Alice Teichert Acrylic on Canvas 2022
30 × 40 in 76.2 × 101.6 cm

About That Passion

Bold colours and lyrical form characterize the beautiful contemporary paintings of Alice Teichert that have attracted collectors the world over. Her own rich heritage in the arts…a life spent playing music, writing and drawing is expressed in the colour and composition of every painting. That Passion features passages of colour—orange, bright yellow, deep pink, and purple that flow across the canvas each dissolving into the other. Teichert’s paintings glow—an effect achieved by layering.

“The beauty of the ‘wordless’…colour and form, it’s not decoration, it’s more powerful than that.” Alice Teichert

Alice Teichert was born in Paris, France in 1959. She studied music, philosophy and visual arts in Belgium and France. Since 1989, she has built an international career with over 30 solo exhibitions in Germany, France, NY, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. Teichert’s paintings are held in many private, corporate and public collections worldwide.