Amos Robinson




Amos Robinson is based in San Diego where he’s been creating sculptures, mobiles and kinetic art since 2005. Motion, actual or implied, is an important component of his work and stainless steel is his main medium of expression. He uses both figurative and abstract elements in his sculptures. Robinson’s work often incorporates recognizable forms, but strict representation is not his primary objective. Robinson’s foremost goal is the expression of a feeling or state of mind. Kinetic features, polished surfaces, color, LED light, and glass components are some of the techniques he uses toward that end. 

“Air currents, light and reflected surroundings vitalize my sculptures as they interact with the environment. My sculptures fascinate with movement, reflections and shadows.” Amos Robinson

His public art installations number 47 (27 are permanent) and his work is in many private collections worldwide (United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe, Australia and China).

Amos Robinson