Flight to Egypt IV

More Works By Andrew Lui Acrylic and Ink on Rice Paper / Panel 2020
54.5 × 38 in 138.43 × 96.52 cm
56.25 × 39.75 in 142.88 × 100.97 cm

About Flight to Egypt IV

Existing in an amorphous space between abstraction and figuration, abstract artist Andrew Lui paints with the fluidity of eastern calligraphy. Brilliant and energetic strokes of yellow, red and magenta form the dynamic equestrian image. Lui uses the expressive and elegant movement of horses and their riders to interpret the human journey. Traditional Chinese materials-fragile rice paper and the fine black ink of calligraphers adds depth and detail to his work.
"My paintings are always very personal but even more now because I'm where I want to be. "Andrew Lui
Born in Guangzhou, China, Lui participated in the Chinese Cultural Revolution as a member of the Red Guard but escaped to Hong Kong in 1970. Making his way to Toronto, Lui studied at the Ontario College of Art before traveling to the UK, and Italy. In Florence, he was drawn to the dynamic Uccello's Battle of San Romano (c. 1456).
Lui moved from China to Canada in 1972 and now lives in Montreal. He studied art in Italy, the UK and Canada from 1972 to 1975. His work is in private and corporate collections in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Framed dimensions are 56.25 x 39.75.