Artemis and the Cloud Over Arethusa

More Works By Angela Letizia Renzi & Richard Tosczak Acrylic on Canvas 2023
39 × 31 in 99.06 × 78.74 cm

About Artemis and the Cloud Over Arethusa

Washes of colour in blues, orange, and green are expressed in gestural brush strokes in this abstract painting by visual artist Richard Tosczak. Working in collaboration with an Italian artist who is a ‘lover of literature and linguistics’, Angela Letizia Renzi, the two artists have created a series of works that draw inspiration from beloved Italian myths.
This colourful acrylic represents the legend of a beautiful nymph named Arethusa who was threatened by the river god, Alpheus and rescued by Apollo’s twin sister, the goddess Artemis who creates a cloud to hide her. Renzi and Tosczak paint these canvases together and at the same time. Their artistic interaction is important to the works they create.

“… This is our lexicon, our morphosyntax, the grammar of our language.” Tosczak and Renzi

Richard Tosczak was born in Belgium. He studied philosophy and sculpture at the University of Alberta. At that time, Tosczak began working in steel and was influenced by a number of his professors who appreciated the work of a British abstract sculptor, Sir Anthony Caro considered one of the greatest sculptors of his generation.
Further studies were pursued in France with another internationally acclaimed classic sculptor, Martine Vaugel. Tosczak has exhibited in Canada, Brazil and Europe. His work is held in private, public and corporate collections in Canada. Tosczak has studios in both Edmonton and Sicily.