Cumulus VI Revisited

More Works By Ania Biczysko Stainless Steel 2022
96 × 42 × 42 in 243.84 × 106.68 × 106.68 cm

About Cumulus VI Revisited

In this elegant sculpture by Ania Biczysko, fine ribbons of stainless-steel overlap in circles forming a cloud-like structure mounted on a tripod stand. When viewed from all sides, the sky is reflected in the luminescent quality of the polished steel.

"Clouds for me represent reaching out for hopes and dreams. They appear in ever changing shapes and light however elusive and untouchable, we find them present in our everyday lives. Like our dreams, they guide us to something bigger and allude to an idea of pure beauty." Ania Biczysko

She obtained a master’s degree in sculpture from the Fine Art Academy in Gdansk, Poland. Over the years, she has received many public exhibitions and commissions within Canada and internationally.