Territorial Bird

More Works By Ania Biczysko Stainless and Mild Steel 2020
132 × 48 × 48 in 335.28 × 121.92 × 121.92 cm

About Territorial Bird

Shiny strips of stainless steel change colour and reflect light in this stunning outdoor sculpture by Ania Biczysko. The sculpture is abstract but it appears to be a bird in motion. "Every spring we are awakened by the joyful activity of birds. Although these creatures are relatively small, their presence is monumental and fills our sensorium. Their song, dance and behavior captivate and fascinate me.”

Biczysko is a Polish born and educated artist living in Toronto. Biczysko obtained a master's degree in sculpture from the Fine Art Academy in Gdansk, Poland. Over the years, she has received many public exhibitions and commissions within Canada and internationally.