The Sun - Energy of Life

More Works By Ania Biczysko 24K Gold Painted Stainless Steel 2024
98 × 37 × 18 in 248.92 × 93.98 × 45.72 cm

About The Sun - Energy of Life

This eclectic and elegant contemporary sculpture is by Ania Biczysko whose work has been exhibited internationally. In this dynamic piece, ribbons of stainless steel swirl outward in concentric circles—each one becoming larger emulating the form of the sun mounted on a metal stand. Coated in 24 kt. gold, each ribbon reflects light and shines. At the core of the circles the ribbons are a glossy deep red. Biczysko’s work is often inspired by nature in form and colour.

“My work effects a novel blurring of boundaries between colour and texture, abstraction and representation, sculpture and painting. I experiment with different techniques and materials to discover and reveal unexpected beauty.” Ania Biczysko

Ania Biczysko obtained a master’s degree in sculpture from the Fine Art Academy in Gdansk, Poland. Over the years, she has received many public exhibitions and commissions within Canada and internationally.