Red and White Blocks

More Works By Aron Hill Acrylic on Linen 2018
60 × 48 in 152.4 × 121.92 cm

About Red and White Blocks

Pure white and bright red shapes float across the canvas in this dynamic series of four minimalist paintings by Aron Hill. Black shadows add depth to the spare compositions. Curated strings of yellow and magenta add movement and interest. Linen adds texture. The Calgary artist finds inspiration in the iconic minimalist paintings of modernists like Jack Bush. Each panel measures 30 x 24 inches.

“The idea of pureness in terms of colour and shape and that hard edge has always appealed to me.” Aron Hill

They obtained a BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Alberta College of Art and Design and their MFA from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2006. They have exhibited across Canada and in Dubai. Hill’s work is held in private and corporate collections.