Vanessa (Flowers series)

More Works By Benny Katz Mixed Media 2022
34 × 26 × 20 in 86.36 × 66.04 × 50.8 cm

About Vanessa (Flowers series)

A bouquet of flowers is the inspiration for this fun, glossy, brightly coloured table-top sculpture by the Israel-based artist Benny Katz. Minimalist oval and elongated shapes in bright green, blue, yellow, turquoise, white and black are attached to black stem-like wires mounted on a white and coral oval. As a former graphic designer, Katz begins each modernist piece with a rough sketch before he commits to an idea.
One of the mixed media (Styrofoam, clay, silicon and metal) flower series.

"(The sketch)--It's the way to get closer to or uncover the vague impressions in my head." Benny Katz

After graduating from the graphic design program at Technion in Tel Aviv in 2000, Katz pursued a career in commercial design. At the same time, he developed a practice in conceptual art working in sculpture and painting. Katz’s artworks are held in many private collections worldwide.