Brent McIntosh




As a little boy Brent McIntosh used to watch his grandfather, a commercial artist, paint oil landscapes in his spare time. This early exposure to painting captured his imagination and in art school, McIntosh was exposed to many different genres. He became particularly enamoured with Impressionism, Pointillism, Abstract Expressionism, and the Group of Seven. He was also passionate about eighteenth and nineteenth-century botanical prints. 

All of these genres are evident in his own work. McIntosh has honed his own dynamic style of painting by using palette knives rather than a brush to apply thick layers of paint and slashing and carving the surface of the canvas.

Brent McIntosh was born in 1959 in Montreal, Quebec. He earned both his BFA and his MFA at York University in Toronto. He has exhibited throughout Canada, in Europe and in the USA. His work can be found in numerous corporate and private collections in Canada. The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Art Gallery of Alberta, among others, have also acquired his paintings.