All That Jazz 5.2

More Works By Burton Kramer Acrylic on Panel 2015
42 × 42 in 106.68 × 106.68 cm
43.5 × 43.5 in 110.49 × 110.49 cm

About All That Jazz 5.2

Kramer’s modern and graphic paintings express lyrical, geometric abstraction via a harmonic interplay of syncopated shapes of various sizes and colours. Trained at Yale University (MFA), The Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology (BSc), The Royal College of Art, London (Fulbright Scholar) and The State University of New York, Kramer gained international success with a number of group and solo exhibitions in North America and Europe.

In his work, Burton Kramer blends together different traditions of abstract art. His paintings combine visual clarity of design with rigid geometric constructions, musicality of color harmonies with optical illusions. Following in the footsteps of Wassily Kandinsky, renowned for his experiments with synaesthesia of colour and music, the Canadian artist understands the language of painting as a unique universal means of transferring visual impressions into a different form of reality. "My paintings are music made visual; the deal with rythms, syncopations, tonalities and moods."