Divertimento 2023

More Works By Burton Kramer Acrylic on Panel 2023
30 × 60 in 76.2 × 152.4 cm

About Divertimento 2023

This impressive large graphic painting is by Canada’s Burton Kramer. Renowned internationally as a fine graphic designer, Kramer brings the same intuitive colour sense, precise form and imagination to his artwork. Squares, rectangles, and lines appear to dance across the canvas. Kramer calls his work ‘visual music’ and each composition is named for a musical term. In Italian, ‘divertimento’ means ‘diversion’ or ‘amusement’ and in this case refers to the musical genre that is both light and entertaining. One of a series.

“To fully experience music, one needs a receptive ear. To fully experience these paintings the viewer needs to taste the color, hear and feel the rhythms, the mood, the music.” Burton Kramer

Burton Kramer was born in New York City in 1932. He is renowned for designing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation logo in 1974. Kramer trained at Yale University (MFA), The Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology (BSc), The Royal College of Art, London (Fulbright Scholar) and The State University of New York. Kramer has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Arts Ontario, The Order of Ontario by the Province, an Honorary Doctorate from Ontario College of Art & Design and was named a Member of the Order of Canada. His work has been exhibited in galleries internationally and is held in many private and public collections.