Double Fugue #3

More Works By Burton Kramer Acrylic on Canvas 2020
36 × 36 in 91.44 × 91.44 cm

About Double Fugue #3

In the international world of graphic design, Burton Kramer is legendary as a visionary—a true pioneer of the modernist aesthetic. The Canadian artist expresses the same inspired vision as an abstract painter. Kramer calls his joyfully colourful graphic compositions ‘visual music.’

This piece—a diamond-shaped form is divided into two triangles that mirror one another. The colours are complementary…lilac and cornflower blue backdrops with curated graphic lines of various lengths in yellow, pink, bright green and orange. Kramer often names his work after musical terms. A ‘Fugue’ is a musical composition in which themes are repeated and imitated by continuous vocal parts.

“My style in design, in art, is based on what is now a lifetime of study, experience and critical looking at everything. As Castaneda wrote in Conversations with Don Juan... "how does she dance? She dances with everything she has. That's how she sees it." Burton Kramer

“Burton Kramer’s acrylic paintings are a waltz frozen in time, or perhaps musical chairs at the precise moment the music stops. While machine precision and perfection are suggested, Kramer’s compositions also have rich human underpinnings about the beauty of small relationships. In giving even the smallest member of the composition space, time and freedom to shine, Kramer brings harmony and balance to his utopian dance.” Roberta Fallon,‘Order(ed)’,Siano Gallery, Philadelphia

Burton Kramer was born in New York City in 1932. He is renowned for designing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation logo in 1974. Kramer trained at Yale University (MFA), The Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology (BSc), The Royal College of Art, London (Fulbright Scholar) and The State University of New York. Kramer has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Arts Ontario, The Order of Ontario by the Province, an Honorary Doctorate from Ontario College of Art & Design and was named a Member of the Order of Canada. His work has been exhibited in galleries internationally and is held in many private and public collections.