Moog Music 5D2A

More Works By Burton Kramer Acrylic on Panel 2019
42 × 42 in 106.68 × 106.68 cm
43.25 × 43.25 in 109.86 × 109.86 cm

About Moog Music 5D2A

Rectangles and squares, large and small, in orange, mauve, blue and more, dance across a light green ground in this vibrant acrylic painting by Burton Kramer. The title of the painting refers to the Moog electronic synthesizer that became an industry standard after its use in an award winning 1968 album of music by Bach. The numbers and letters in the title of this work may refer to Moog settings.

This precise, yet lively composition by Kramer reflects the intersection of music, colour and form. Kramer has commented that his lyrical abstractions "do not abstract the experience of reality, as we know it. They provide the viewer with an alternate for reality, just as music often does." Like 20th century European painter Wassily Kandinsky, renowned for his experiments with synesthesia of color and music, Kramer explores the language of visual forms and sound.