Persephone's Six Seeds

More Works By Catherine Vamvakas Lay Blown Glass 2016
5 × 15 × 5.5 in 12.7 × 38.1 × 13.97 cm

About Persephone's Six Seeds

Clustered and sensuous oblong forms in translucent red glass have a smooth polished surface like the fruit that surrounds pomegranate seeds. A single seed sits next to the cluster. The pomegranate represents abundance, fortune and fertility. "The Pomegranate series is an exploration of the cross culturally recognizable symbol of the pomegranate. My interest is based in my Greek cultural heritage. Pomegranates of various materials are found in most households as amulets of good fortune, abundance, and fertility. The symbol is linked to the Classical Greek myth of Persephone and the fruit that she brought from the underworld. As a result, pomegranates and pomegranate seeds can symbolically be linked with the unconscious and the spiritual. Pomegranate, as one of the Ancient Greek pagan symbols is still in use in Modern Greece and can be seen as a reminder of the common thread that connects and interweaves the past with the present." Vamvakas Lay earned a degree in the Fine Arts (specializing in sculpture) from York University, and a diploma in glass from Sheridan Institute of Technology. Vamvakas has received several honors and awards including receipt of a full time residence at Harbourfront Centre Glass Studio for three years in Toronto. Her work is part of many collections in Canada, the US, Amsterdam and Korea, and she has participated in group exhibitions in the US, Korea, Japan, Canada and Belgium.