Promises and Lies: Everything will be O.K.

More Works By Cheryl Wilson Smith Glass and Metal 2023
56 × 43 × 3 in 142.24 × 109.22 × 7.62 cm

About Promises and Lies: Everything will be O.K.

Cheryl Wilson-Smith’s stunning and distinctive glass work is both inspired by and deeply rooted in her own life experiences. This contemporary composition— fine layers of winter white glass frit (ground glass) stacked on black metal nails is reminiscent of the old fashioned system of collecting notes. It was created following two recent events that rocked the artist emotionally--the departure of her youngest son for University and the shock of working in a very foreign environment. Both events appear to be symbolized by a few of the neatly assembled stacks falling out of place.

“The combination of these events left me gutted, but I knew somehow, I would get through. This piece is about collective loss and resilience. We can get through all of this as we have done before. We are resilient.” Cheryl Wilson-Smith

Wilson-Smith was the 2014 winner of the RBC Award for Glass through the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery. She has received nine grants from the Ontario Arts Council and one from the Canada Council. Commissions include the Red Lake District Heritage Centre, Margaret Cochenor Memorial Hospital Donor wall. She is also the recipient of the prestigious Chalmers Fellowship from the Ontario Arts Council which allowed her to work in Scotland in 2023. Her work has been exhibited widely across Canada, in the UK and the US.