Blue Crater

More Works By Chung-Im Kim Industrial Felt 2017
20.5 × 20 × 3.5 in 52.07 × 50.8 × 8.89 cm

About Blue Crater

Sapphire blue felt takes the shape of a biomorphic form in this contemplative wall sculpture by fabric artist Chung-Im Kim. The felt is cut into irregular shapes that are sewn with precise stitches into gentle peaks and valleys.

"A pattern can grow into a complex image jungle or a well-disciplined ornamental beauty. These recent works explore the chaotic order resulting from many small pieces containing broken images. I tend to see each of these parts as an independent soul containing unique power and energy that then together becomes an entity as cells to a body. I hope to evoke the birthing tension when all are gathered." Chung-Im Kim

Chung-Im Kim has received accolades and exhibitions for her work from prestigious institutions such as the Boston Museum of Art, the invitational Bojagi Exhibition at the Suwon Park Museum in Korea, the Museum Nagele in the Netherlands, and the Belgian Triennial Contemporary Textile Arts Exposition. Kim's exquisite design and execution have been honoured with top prizes and awards in many international art competitions. One of her works was selected as a gift from Canada to the president of China. She received her MFA from Seoul Women's University in 1984 and has taught at OCAD University in Toronto since 2006. She is represented by the Oeno Gallery.