Blue Crater

More Works By Chung-Im Kim Industrial Felt 2017
20.5 × 20 × 3.5 in 52.07 × 50.8 × 8.89 cm

About Blue Crater

Sapphire blue felt takes the shape of a biomorphic form in this contemplative wall sculpture by fabric artist Chung-Im Kim. The felt is cut into irregular shapes that are sewn with precise stitches into gentle peaks and valleys.

"For me, patterns are hard to ignore as I encounter everyday life. Whether the source comes from nature, historical context or plainly created by me, working with patterns always gives me the thrill of entering a new world. A pattern can grow into a complex image jungle or a well disciplined ornamental beauty. These recent works explore the chaotic order resulting from many small pieces containing broken images. I tend to see each of these parts as an independent soul containing unique power and energy that then together becomes an entity as cells to a body. I hope to evoke the birthing tension when all are gathered."