About Clarence Gagnon

Clarence Gagnon

Gagnon was born in a small village in rural Quebec in 1881, and he studied at the Art Association of Montreal in 1897. Although he trained and maintained a studio in Paris for much of his career, Gagnon never lost his love of the Laurentians and the Charlevoix region of eastern Quebec which inspired much of his work. After living and studying in Paris for several years, Gagnon moved to the Baie-Saint-Paul region of Charlevoix in 1908. There he developed a new kind of winter landscape which consisted of mountains, valleys, sharp contrasts, vivid colours, and sinuous lines. Gagnon was a full member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (1922). In 1923, he received the Trevor Prize of the Salmagundi Club of New York. Gagnon died on 5 January, 1942 at the age of 61. 

Past Exhibitions