More Works By Colm MacCool Limestone 2016
36 × 32 × 17 in 91.44 × 81.28 × 43.18 cm

About Aftershock

Concentric rings are carved on one side of this triangular chunk of limestone. The other side is carved with small rectangles, resembling a man-made wall. The title aftershock refers to the small earthquakes that occur after a larger event. This work resembles a tsunami stone. In Japan, these ancient stones warn inhabitants not to build past a point and to remember the calamity of tsunami, natural disasters.

Colm MacCool is a sculptor and designer who works primarily in wood and found materials. He has exhibited in many Toronto galleries as well as at the Viridian Gallery in New York City, the MacLaren Art Center, in Barrie, Ontario, and the McLaughlin in Oshawa, Ontario. MacCool was voted Toronto's Best Sculptor in Now Magazine's Readers Poll (2000) and was nominated for the Art Direction Award at the Yorkton Film Festival in 1998 for his work on The Cellar, produced by Incriminating Pictures. His exhibitions Black Toys and Salvation garnered notable critical and curatorial acclaim. A graduate from the B.F.A. program at York University, MacCool lives in Prince Edward County.