More Works By Cynthia McQuillan Brass, Painted Steel 2022
91.5 × 30 × 30 in 232.41 × 76.2 × 76.2 cm

About Discus

This playful and dynamic sculpture by Canadian artist Cynthia McQuillan is interactive and invites viewers to touch it. The four powder coated steel discs (their interiors feature punched out circles) are anchored between two metal rods and sit stacked one atop the other. The discs are painted in bright yellow, blue, and black. Each disc rotates up and down so the colours can easily be changed.

“Something three dimensional immediately changes the space around it. The shapes push into the spaces we inhabit, demanding our consideration.” Cynthia McQuillan

She studied art at the Central Technical School in Toronto. McQuillan has exhibited both in solo and group shows throughout North America. She is a long-time resident of Prince Edward County, Ontario.