Ascension 3/5

More Works By Dave Sheridan Mixed Media 2020
108 × 47 × 42 in 274.32 × 119.38 × 106.68 cm

About Ascension 3/5

Created by Canadian artist David Sheridan, this outdoor fibreglass sculpture is a unique combination of pop and classical figurative styles. The index finger of the massive hand points to the sky but in a more open fashion than the famous hand from the Colossus of Constantine.

David Sheridan is an Ontario-based muralist, painter and sculptor. He completed a BFA and a BEd at the University of Western Ontario in 1982 and a Diploma in Classical Animation from Sheridan College, Oakville. Through his career he has completed many commissions that include the Vial Rail mural and the Interval House Mural in Brockville and a sculpture for the Brockville Police.