Gray Still Life with Purples

More Works By David Cantine Acrylic on Plexiglass 2003
17 × 17 in 43.18 × 43.18 cm

About Gray Still Life with Purples

Abstract geometric and graphic work from Cantine's famous abstracted still life of apples series. Framed dimensions for this painting are 27 x 27 inches.

David Cantine studied at the University of Iowa and later became a professor in the Art & Design department at the University of Alberta. His work has been exhibited in major galleries and is in many private and public collections. It was also featured in Roald Nygaard's recent book, Abstract Painting in Canada.

When exhibited next to another in the series, the subtle color shifts become more striking.

"For the past 36 years I have painted essentially the same still-life, which began as a pair of apples and its shadow and evolved, under pressure of color, into the present imagery. The pressure comes from the sense that color itself is the issue here. For example, apples will remain “apples” and only incidentally “red” unless re-drawn for the sake of the color. Thus the present imagery represents a kind of deconstruction of normal drawing. This is done by the strict use of symmetry, solid/unbroken color, non-overlapping shapes, and a single viewpoint perspective within a square format. All of these features (and others) have proven necessary in helping colors to achieve a clear position and dimension within the picture, a still-life of colorful space." David Cantine