A Cappella

More Works By David Chamberlain Bronze and Steel 2024
61 × 61 × 42 in 154.94 × 154.94 × 106.68 cm 800 lbs
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About A Cappella

This lyrical and elegant contemporary sculpture is by David Chamberlain whose work is collected and admired around the world. Hand forged in patinated bronze and steel, the flowing circular form is intended to represent the fluid, melodic form of singing called a cappella. The American artist is also a gifted a cappella singer (singing without musical accompaniment) who has performed in hundreds of concerts over the years.

As a little boy, Chamberlain recalls sitting in the back of his father’s car singing nursery rhymes with him in harmony. From an early age, he understood the power of the human voice—its range and rhythm and how it could be used as an instrument. A gifted jazz musician as well, Chamberlain’s artwork is largely inspired by the lush language of music and each piece bears a musical name.

“My muse in creating this bronze sculpture titled A Cappella was to explore, articulate and integrate the moving musical lines (edges) and transitioning forms (surfaces) within a three-dimensional composition. What appears to viewers as three or four interwoven musical themes moving together through time & space can become multiple motifs when the artwork is rotated — Ahhh, the fourth dimension of time. And now for the emotional aspects…” David Chamberlain

David Allen Chamberlain was born in Canton, Ohio in 1949. He attended Princeton University in 1971 where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Architecture. In 1977 he acquired a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania. That was followed by a graduate certificate from the Teaching Studio Art Institute of Colorado College and finally a master’s in landscape architecture from the University of Colorado. Over several decades, he has created more than 2000 pieces of artwork in various mediums which appear in both private collections and in art institutions, museums, and colleges internationally.