Bloodvein Monolith

More Works By David Perrett Limestone, Glass, LED lights 2023
78 × 26 × 8 in 198.12 × 66.04 × 20.32 cm

About Bloodvein Monolith

The staggering natural beauty of the Canadian landscape inspires sculptor David Perrett. On canoe trips, the Hamilton-based artist became captivated by the rugged Canadian shield. Those images often inform the shape, material and subject of his artwork. Perrett created this elegant modern monolith from Tyndall Limestone. Tyndall, the only Canadian stone designated as a Global Heritage Stone Resource, is used in numerous grand buildings such as the Canadian Parliament and the Canadian Museum of History. Its distinctive gray markings on a creamy polished base frames a winding ‘river’ of blue glass (on both sides) that is lit from within by LED lights. This piece is named for the Bloodvein River—a Canadian Heritage River known for its petroglyphs and rock paintings which runs from Red Lake in Ontario to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba. Perrett’s work expertly marries technology and nature.

“The world is full of curiosities that I find by searching out arresting moments in the materials and objects that I come across.” David Perrett

He grew up in Winnipeg and acquired a BFA from the University of Manitoba and an MFA from York University in Toronto. David Perret works in stone, metal, and wood, and adds electronics--lighting features to many of his sculptures. His work can be found in both public and private collections throughout Canada.