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(b. 1946, Niagra Falls, ON) Evergon's work represents a 35-year international career as an instructor and as an artist/photographer imaging primarily, but not exclusively, gay male culture. Concerned with technology, past and present, his early photographs explored non-silver processes and electrostatic works. These were followed by instant imaging photographs that culminated with 1 meter x 2 meter colour Polaroid prints. In the 1990s, Evergon produced two primary bodies of work from press cameras. The first was a fabricated document of 'Ramboys: a Bookless Novel' finalized as large silver gelatin prints. The other was documented fiction/action within 'Manscapes' - male-to-male cruising grounds completed in various modes of digital imaging. In the last five years, Evergon’s works include larger-than-life nudes of his Mother, ‘Margaret & I’, and a selection of images gleaned from his lifetime trove of memorabilia accompanied with self-portraits, ‘Chez Moi: Domestic Content’.