Philosopher's Stone

More Works By Jah Qube Aluminum and Stainless Steel 2024
76 × 85 × 85 in 193.04 × 215.9 × 215.9 cm 200 lbs

About Philosopher's Stone

The powerful architectural form of this contemporary sculpture was created by Jah Qube—a collaboration between Toronto-based artist Javid Jah and Alex Akbari, a masterful fabricator. The dynamic, geometric shape forged from aluminum and bright white painted stainless steel is inspired by ancient astrological teachings.

Each component is perforated with finely detailed symbols from an ancient Hermetic (astrological) table that represents the planets, the elements of fire and water and the masculine and feminine.

The sculpture is named for the Philosopher’s Stone which the ancients believed to be the alchemist’s magical elixir that could purify any substance-- capable of transforming iron into gold and the human soul into pure light.

“This sculpture in particular explores the duality of human experience and its sacred relation to the Universe through its composition of material, form and light.” Javid Jah

JAH QUBE is a Toronto-based studio specializing in the design and fabrication of public art for both temporary and permanent installation. The studio combines expertise in architectural design with custom fabrication, led by artist-designer Javid Jah and fabricator Alex Akbari. Prioritizing BIPOC creatives, the studio engages in independent as well as collaborative public art projects, with experience fabricating and installation work locally and internationally.

Javid Jah received his Bachelor of Arts degree from UBC and his Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto. An interdisciplinary artist and designer, he has been recognized in several juried competitions for his artwork, has participated in numerous workshops, and exhibited in Toronto, San Francisco and New York.

Toronto-based fabricator Alex Akbari has a background in construction and architectural design and has been creating custom installations in furniture design and art for more than 25 years.