Circle Dance

More Works By Jake Goertzen Stainless Steel 2022
79 × 72 × 72 in 200.66 × 182.88 × 182.88 cm

About Circle Dance

You are invited to touch and ‘play’ with this engaging new sculpture by Manitoba’s Jake Goertzen. Six rings hand forged from polished stainless-steel sit one inside the other. The rings move independently so the sculpture is interactive allowing the viewer to change its formation and make each circle ‘dance.’

“The circle is associated with wholeness, symmetry, harmony, and well-being. It is a pleasing, symmetrical shape we see in the universe and in nature. A conference of concentric circles only amplifies these sentiments." Jake Goertzen

He holds a BA in History and a degree in Engineering. Goertzen studied sculpture at the Brentwood Art Center, the Santa Monica Fine Art Studio, both in California and the Forum Art Studio in Winnipeg. His work is found in numerous private and public collections in Canada.