Mach I

More Works By Jake Goertzen Stainless Steel 2022
60 × 72 × 48 in 152.4 × 182.88 × 121.92 cm

About Mach I

Manitoba sculptor Jake Goertzen’s dynamic Mach I sculpture is an homage to the historic event in 1947 that changed the face of aviation. The decorated US air force pilot Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier while flying an experimental plane over the California desert. Mach I is 600-700 mph—the speed of sound. Fine rods of polished stainless steel are artfully welded into several arrow-like shapes—an abstracted representation of the nose and wings of a jet plane.

“There is something very satisfying when you create something with your hands…. You can conceive a great idea in your mind, but when you make it tangible, it is now something to behold and to hold.” Jake Goertzen

He holds a BA in History and a degree in Engineering. Goertzen studied sculpture at the Brentwood Art Center, the Santa Monica Fine Art Studio, both in California and the Forum Art Studio in Winnipeg. His work is found in numerous private and public collections in Canada.