More Works By Jean-Francois and Nadia Maheux-Mercier Stainless Steel, marble and gold leaf 2024
127 × 64 × 48 in 322.58 × 162.56 × 121.92 cm

About Radiance

Celebrated for their public artworks in Quebec, and privately collected in both Canada and Europe, the sculptural team of Jean-François Maheux and Nadia Mercier create elegant, contemporary outdoor sculptures. Often inspired by the raw materials they favour—metal, stone and glass, the duo have developed a distinctive visual style. These four gracefully arched rods of highly polished stainless steel create a dynamic support for a small round disk of marble embellished with 24 Kt gold leaf that appears to be the rays of the sun.

“Usually, it’s people with financial means who can live with sculptures or works of art, but here (publicly displayed art) it’s accessible for everyone. That’s what’s beautiful about it.” Jean-François Maheux

Quebec-based artists, Jean-François Maheux and Nadia Mercier have degrees in visual and media arts. In the early 2000s, they formed the company, Maheux-Mercier to collaborate on sculptural projects. They have specialized training in the field of stone, metal and glass, their preferred raw materials for sculptures. As Maheux-Mercier, they have participated in several symposiums and competitions. They have participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Quebec. Their public artworks can be found in several cities in Quebec and private collections throughout Canada and Europe.