Grande Couronne

More Works By Jean-Pierre Morin Aluminum 2019
52 × 59 × 38 in 132.08 × 149.86 × 96.52 cm

About Grande Couronne

He has been called the ‘Light Sculptor.’ Quebec artist Jean-Pierre Morin is inspired by the light and shapes found in nature. The pleasing organic shape of this gorgeous sculpture—a circular band, is accentuated by the choice of material—highly polished cubes of aluminum that reflect both the landscape and sunlight. Morin is known for creating dynamic, rounded forms in his human scale sculptures that often suggest movement. Couronne means ‘crown’ in French.

“Jean-Pierre Morin has developed art that is simple, original and very poetic. He inhabits the four elements; water, earth, fire and he sculpts the wind.” Isabelle De Mévius, Artistic Director, La Poste Gallery, Montreal

Morin was born in Saint-Anselme de Dorchester, Quebec in 1951. After three years of attending the Saint-Jean-Port-Joli Sculpture School, he completed his studies with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Laval University in Quebec and a Master of Fine Arts, sculpture option, from Concordia University in Montreal. Morin has taught visual arts and both the University and College levels for twenty years. He has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the US, France, Germany and. Spain. The Quebec artist has produced more than thirty public artworks since 1988.