The Portal: World We See

More Works By Jeff Gillmor Etched Steel and Oil 2024
127.5 × 123 × 94 in 323.85 × 312.42 × 238.76 cm

About The Portal: World We See

This impressive circular architectural sculpture was created by Jeffrey Gillmor. An experienced metal artisan, this outdoor piece—a circle cut from a square is forged from etched steel and has a rust-coloured patina. Gillmor favours minimalist forms and finds inspiration for his work in nature’s colours, textures and shapes. World We See allows the viewer to not only see through the expansive ‘portal’ but walk through it as well. This is the largest of three similar sculptures in a series—each cut from the same four face plates of steel producing another sculpture from the inside of the last.

“The World we see and live in is much more complex than I feel it has to be so we need to keep (everything) in perspective, keep basic positive values ... .as we pass through the circle of life.” Jeff Gillmor

Born in Belleville, Ontario, Gillmor grew up surrounded by contemporary art and was encouraged to explore his creativity. He attended Waterloo University for Economics and worked in the metal shop where he became interested in art works. Self-employed for 35 years, he has his own company that creates a custom line of artisan mid-century outdoor cabinetry and outdoor living amenities for landscape architects. Gillmor belongs to the Art Bank Collective in Clarksburg, Ontario and now also creates outdoor sculptures.