Celeste 2/50

More Works By Jeremy Guy Engineered Black Granite 2023
8 × 24 × 5 in 20.32 × 60.96 × 12.7 cm

About Celeste 2/50

At once elegant and contemporary—this sublime sculpture of a reclining figure is by Jeremy Guy. Chiselled from black granite and honed to a smooth, velvet-like finish, the subject matter is classic. Guy’s influences—the remarkable work of famed British sculptors Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore is evident in the modernist form of Guy’s pieces.

“I feel it is my role as an artist to create a pause for contemplation by embracing that which is new and highlighting the wonder of what is already there." Jeremy Guy

He was born and raised in England where he completed a BA in Product Design from Leeds Metropolitan University. Since graduation in 2001 he has been a full-time sculptor. Guy emigrated to Canada in 2007. His stone sculptures can be found in public spaces and private collections around the world including Queen Ethelburga's College Sculpture Park, North Yorkshire, UK, Orchard Residences in Singapore, the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Baltimore and more.