More Works By John Paul Robinson Solid Glass 2020
37 × 37 × 2 in 93.98 × 93.98 × 5.08 cm

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John Paul Robinson arrays a sequence of feather-like forms in a spiral formation to symbolize the interrelationship between the earth and the galaxy to which we belong. Feather forms are used strategically in place of stars. The readily recognizable function of feathers is flight - it is possibly to understand their movement even when they are stationary. The movement of the earth, however, can be understood intellectually but not intuitively.
"The stomach tells us we are standing still but science tells us we are flying." - JPR.
The earth is rotating at 800km/hour and that earth orbits the sun at a few thousand km/hour, yet incredibly, our daily lived experience has no gauge for the speed we are moving at. John Paul Robinson is interested in the rupture that occurs between mythological belief systems and scientific discovery and uses his art to explore the nature of meaning, belonging, reality, and responsibility.

"We have a common origin and a common future; we live in a global economy and it's going to take all of us to soar forward together."- JPR

Robinson was educated at the Georgian College of Arts and Technology and the Ontario College of Art, where he later taught for several years. Robinson is a Fellow of The Creative Glass Center of America, recipient of the Joan Chalmers Glass Award and has twice received the Best Glass Award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Robinson has had solo exhibitions in Montreal, Toronto, Palm Beach, Quebec City and Chicago. His works are in corporate, private, and public collections including the Canadian Museum of History, the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo, the Museum of American Glass, New Jersey, the Toronto Granite Club and the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal. Robinson is represented exclusively by Oeno Gallery.