Climbing Ivy

More Works By Kevin Robb Stainless Steel 2021
138 × 38 × 40 in 350.52 × 96.52 × 101.6 cm
$32,000 USD

About Climbing Ivy

The highly polished stainless-steel reflects the sunlight; like ivy, three gently curved pieces ‘climb’ a central ‘branch’. This is Kevin Robb. The American sculptor is known for his exquisitely elegant abstract sculptures. This outdoor piece appears almost weightless as if the forms were suspended in the air. Price is in USD.

“Looking at a piece of stainless steel my head starts to dance – seeing a shape or design in something as simple as a tree, a cloud passing by, the shadows on a wall, and I am visualizing that next sculpture that must leave my thought processes.”
Kevin Robb Studios

He is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado with major studies in both Sculpture and Graphic Design. In 2004 Robb suffered a massive stroke that left him physically challenged and unable to speak. Without words and with only one usable arm, his team of assistants help bring his artistic vision to life. Robb’s work is held in corporate, private, university, and public collections all over the world.