Striped Porcelain Vessel 6

More Works By Loren Kaplan Porcelain 2023
20.5 × 4 × 4.5 in 52.07 × 10.16 × 11.43 cm

About Striped Porcelain Vessel 6

At once elegant and striking in their design, these porcelain vessels were created by Loren Kaplan. The Toronto-based ceramicist is known for her fine work inspired by the ancient tradition of vessel-making. Vessels symbolize ‘potential’ for Kaplan—"spaces that can be filled.” The six vessels in this series are hand coiled; their undulating white shape adorned with black, and red stripes; their interior is glazed. The colour palette speaks to Kaplan’s South African roots. These pieces continue a series first created three years ago; the original vessels were even made from porcelain imported from South Africa. Stunning as a set.

“All of this, for me, represents a sense of home, of belonging, of life and aliveness.” Loren Kaplan

She earned a BFA from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and studied at the Kim Sacks School of Ceramics. In 1995 she established a studio and began a teaching career with the Visual Arts and Crafts Academy in Johannesburg. Kaplan has exhibited regularly in South Africa and Toronto and received numerous awards. Her work is held in many private collections and in the South African Constitutional Court Art Collection.