Loren Kaplan



Toronto-based ceramic artist Loren Kaplan earned a BFA from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, and studied at the Kim Sacks School of Ceramics. In 1995 she established a studio and began a teaching career with the Visual Arts and Crafts Academy in Johannesburg. Kaplan's thrown or hand built textured pieces are created in porcelain and stoneware. Her pieces range in size and form with delicate botanical patterned carvings. Kaplan has exhibited regularly in South Africa and Toronto and received awards from the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the Vita Craft Award at the African Window in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Her work is held in many private collections and in the South African Constitutional Court Art Collection

“In my work I have attempted to integrate symbolic, visual, tactile and spiritual values blending form, function and meaning. My work resonates with light, sound, pattern and texture… I make vessels because containers are about potential. My focus is on the space in between, defined spaces of emptiness making room for something to be held.” Loren Kaplan

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Loren Kaplan