Lucy Maki




(b.1955, Ames, IA) Maki has been a professional artist for over 20 years and is influenced by early modernist abstraction. In mixed medium, geometrical elements collide and interweave with colour, flat surfaces and organic shapes to find a harmonic resolution. 

"But I want something that pushes the limits of painting a little -- something unique and singular but still has its roots in tradition, so that whatever I put in the blank rectangle references aspect(s) of the history of painting, but all mixed up, -- cubism, constructivism, surrealism, abstract expressionism, minimalism, the 1930-40's transcendental painting group here in New Mexico -- twentieth century modernism, where paint on canvas has been the primary medium. The craft of oil painting I respect and love, so all the work is done with oil paint, only the grounds vary." Lucy Maki

"The influence of early Modernist evident in Maki’s painting, yet her vocabulary of form is distinctively her own. Contemporary and unique, it both derives from and reexamines the impulses and vocabularies of its precursors. While self-referential, it is never redundant and always maintains an exploratory unpredictability." - Kathleen Shields

Maki received her MA and MFA from the University of New Mexico, finishing in 1982. She has exhibited in the US, Mexico and Canada, and her work can be found in collections at the Albuquerque Museum and the Museum of New Mexico. 

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Lucy Maki