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Lynn Chadwick

Lynn Chadwick was one of the leading British sculptors of post-war Britain. He was born in Barnes, London in 1914 and died at his home Lypiatt Park, Gloucestershire, in 2003 at the age of 88. Breaking with the tradition of carving sculpture from wood or stone, Chadwick instead welded iron and bronze rods into expressionistic, figurative works inspired by the human form and animals that nonetheless hovered close to abstraction. He later produced works that were editions cast in bronze. Even at its most abstract and geometric there is usually an allusion to natural forms in Chadwick’s work that underpins and gives vitality to it.

“It seems to me that art must be the manifestation of some vital force coming from the dark, caught by the imagination and translated by the artist’s ability and skill. Whatever the final shape, the force behind is... indivisible. When we philosophise upon this force, we lose sight of it. The intellect alone is still too clumsy to grasp it.”

Lynn Chadwick, The Listener, 21st October 1954

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