Time Like Droplets

More Works By Marlene Hilton Moore Bronze and Copper 2011
46 × 14 × 3.5 in 116.84 × 35.56 × 8.89 cm

About Time Like Droplets

Like long arms, two vertical copper pipes topped by bronze cast hands emerge from the ground. The hands clutch a short horizontal pipe engraved with words: Time like droplets of blood ticks and drips. This literal and figurative "handrail" is intended to be a poetic contemplation. Sculptor, Marlene Hilton Moore is inviting the viewer to pause and consider the words.This work is one of a set of four.

Hilton Moore has received awards from the Canada Council for the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council and the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation. Her work is in the collection of the Canada Council Art Bank, the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, the University of Winnipeg and many other public and private collections.