Under Spring's Canopy

More Works By Noreen Taylor Oil On Canvas 2021
36 × 60 in 91.44 × 152.4 cm

About Under Spring's Canopy

A velvety dark green reminiscent of a forest’s canopy dominates the canvas in this abstract piece by Noreen Taylor. Glimpses of yellow and pale green provide contrast in this highly textured painting. Taylor’s work explores colour, form and patterns found in nature. As an artist, she is most interested in the emotion that each painting evokes.

“A Canadian artist, Paul Fournier, once told me that “80% of what you know is about how you feel about what you’ve seen.” These paintings try to embody that teaching.” Noreen Taylor

Born in 1947 and raised in Toronto, Noreen Taylor acquired both her B.Ed. and a M.A. in Art History at the University of Toronto.
Taylor is a highly respected businesswoman, visual arts teacher and philanthropist who has helped shape art policy in the Toronto area. She has been a board member of several key arts organizations including the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Gardiner Museum. Taylor chaired the McMichael Canadian Collection of Canadian Art and was the founding Artistic Director for the Claude Watson School for the Arts. Since the 1970’s she has exhibited in numerous solo, and group shows in Canada and the U.S. She has also contributed illustrations to several publications.